– General Nutrition
– Weight-loss
– Sports Nutrition
– Health Concerns
– Nutrition during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
– Children’s Nutrition
– Food Allergies and Intolerances
– Group Presentations
– Supermarket Tours


I’m a Stay at Home Mum to 2 very busy and energetic young boys, born late 2010 and 2012.

In 2005 I graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Science with majors in Human Nutrition and Psychology, making me a degree qualified Nutritionist. I have over 10 years’ experience in the hospitality and weight-loss industries but since having children, helping Mum’s (and Dad’s) and Babies has become my passion. I can offer you personalised advice on weaning onto solids, baby led weaning, elimination diets, getting your toddler to eat better, weight-loss after baby, healthy eating during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and so much more. All the advice I provide is based on scientific research and anecdotal evidence gathered during my time working in the industry.

What we eat is vitally important to how we’re feeling and our overall health, but all too often we forget this. Life gets busy and healthy, sensible eating goes out the window. Children see everything, and children hear everything. They do what we do, so it is critically important for their lifelong health that we are modelling the right eating behaviours for them and providing them with age-appropriate, healthy & nutritious food. What babies and young children are eating can have a huge impact not just on their health, but on their behaviour and how well they sleep too.

Whether you are wanting to get your own habits on track so you can begin setting a good example, or you need help with what your little one is (or isn’t) eating, I can help. I don’t advocate special ‘diets’, and I won’t expect you to provide only home cooked baby food which has been made from locally grown, organic produce! My aim is to help my clients to ‘tweak’ things so they can achieve the lifestyle they desire, and to help increase their confidence both within themselves and with what they are feeding their families.


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