Smart Snacking

391851_285732808127139_1773310196_aIncluding healthy snacks between meals can be a good way to help keep your weight under control. Eating regularly throughout the day helps to keep your metabolism burning, and prevents over eating at meal times. It’s important to remember though, that snacks can contribute extra kilojoules to your day so if you’re aiming to maintain or lose your weight, you need to compensate at meal times by cutting down your portions. You shouldn’t be eating any extra kilojoules, just spreading them out more evenly across the day.

A healthy snack should contain carbohydrates and protein, and be no more than about 600kJ. The average person won’t need more than 2 snacks per day – generally mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

■ Small handful of natural/unsalted nuts such as almonds (12), brazil nuts (5) or walnuts (12 halves)
■ Fresh fruit, or fruit canned in juice
■ Small handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit. Choose natutral/unsalted nuts
■ 1 cup plain popcorn
■ Diet Jelly (good if you have a sweet tooth, and are happy to have artificial sweeteners)
■ 1 Tbsp unsalted/no sugar peanut butter on 1 piece wholegrain bread
■ Pottle of low-fat fruit yoghurt
■ Small home-made apple & bran muffin
■ Small handful of olives
■ 4 low-fat crackers (such as VitaWheats) with hummus, or tomato
■ 1 slice fruit toast with low-fat spread
■ Small Date Scone (NO BUTTER OR SPREAD)
■ Small Banana Berry Smoothie

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