Introducing: Ra and his Journey of Discovery

Hi all, I am Rawiri. I am a father of two, and work overseas six months of the year.  This is my story and these are my excuses.
When I was younger I was always small, at 18 I  weighed in at 62kg (173cm tall). This was not conducive to playing rugby and so I wanted to bulk up. I did, but not in the right way. I ate and relied on my metabolism and current fitness regime to keep me fit.  It worked…until I  stopped.  At 21 I was 75kg and still pretty lean, then I got to 82kg and I was happy.  I started a family and started a new job which resulted in me giving away sports.  This I see as the start to an unhealthy lifestyle.  Now, at 34 I have been 93kg for the last 4 years, going up and coming back but never getting back down to where I’m happy.
My first excuse: I have been lazy no doubt. When I gave away sport I didn’t replace it with any other exercise regime. I made excuses not to exercise.  Too busy, too cold, not enough time, and all the while watched others I worked with find the time and motivation. Even as watched TV for a few hours each night I knew that I could exercise and still watch.  I still didn’t.
My second excuse: The kids. I eat my dinner then, like many other Dads, feast on their leftovers.  At my heaviest I found that after seconds I’d still find the motivation to destroy their leftovers. I still find I do this from time to time, but I’m learning to stay the fork from their plates.
I’m no idiot, I know energy in needs to balance energy out, or be less in order to make a difference to your weight.  I still make excuses not to exercise and although I eat healthy, my portions and the amount I eat is ridiculous.  I know this because for the last six months at work I have written down everything I’ve eaten. It is a scary read and has really motivated me to eat better.  I was still tempted to lie to myself and not write down that cake I ate for desert at the hotel or the small chocolate bar that you ate in my hurry for energy.  I’m on the mend though. I’m here to learn better eating habits and how to do better for myself, and my kids.
The big issue is to motivate my lazy self to exercise.
Good luck to me, and I hope that my journey and discoveries will be of benefit to you.

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