Introducing: Sera and her Journey to re-gain her Body

Sera initial 2

Ahhh, this is scary!

Hello, my name is Sera and I want to lose weight.  I’ve had weight issues since I was a teen ranging from bad food choices, emotional eating, trying every diet type under the sun and poor self-control.  I have successfully lost weight twice in my life through sensible eating and exercise but both times it’s come back, most recently because I had a baby.  I worked really hard to only gain 10kg during my pregnancy, and nearly got back to pre-pregnancy weight by 6 weeks only to gain it all during breastfeeding.  It feels quite frustrating trying so hard to not get into this situation only to end up here.  What’s worse is with the baby, tiredness, and new Mummy challenges I don’t try as hard to curb my sweet tooth or find my will power.  Being on maternity makes baking a cake during nap time that much easier, and it’s more fun than yet another load of laundry.  When I saw Megan’s request for a weight-loss blogger I thought, ah huh, I haven’t tried everything because I haven’t done that before!  As I explained in my email to Megan, I’d just finished a very nice Nutella Mug Cake (DO NOT Google it, it will be the end of your current diet) and I needed some accountability.

So here I am.  Pictures and all… Sharing my journey in the hope that it will not only help to motivate myself, but others like me.  I’ve always loved the saying “the only time you’ve failed is the last time you’ve tried.”

Surely I can’t fail if I don’t stop trying?

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