Sera: Week One

My first week was pretty sad in terms of effort.  Here comes that accountability I wanted!  My goals were to increase my snacks and water.  I’d like to say I made a 30% improvement, especially the first 3 days, but coinciding with feeling miserable about the weather also came a head cold to join me.  I wasn’t happy a lot of the time because I wished I could find the motivation, cold or no cold.  I hated feeling so flat and defeated without having even tried.  Hell, even my blog today feels uninspired, ugh!  Confession of the week, I had way too many takeaways… I think I even had more bad food than normal as, with trying to reboot my metabolism by increasing snacks for energy, I was unprepared to fuel the fire and my hunger led me towards making bad choices.  I knew better, don’t get me wrong… but it’s the habits that kill me.  I’ve got a new white board this weekend to write up all the good things I have to eat instead of aimlessly wandering around going “I need food” and stuffing anything in my mouth to stop the brain fog.

My goals for this week are preparation and giving 110% effort to feel better about myself moving forward, instead of feeling like I’m just treading water.  With this accountability it means even with having a false start I just can’t say “flag it…” There’s another week and another week after that where I have to justify to myself what effort I have made.

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