Ra: Week One

Ok, to say I was committed to the programme this past week or more would be to lie. My assessment suggested I eat more often and in some cases more food. Crazy to think, that to lose weight I need to eat more. Most importantly exercise more – not to be confused with more excuses!


I eat mainly vegetarian at work because the meat quality is poor. I am living on beans, lentils and veg and making weird tasting dishes that work. I am not going to win MKR that’s for sure.  Before I left for work I played with the kids but didn’t carry out any formal exercise for myself. Now at work I have done minimal exercise. I had a planned time but it was interrupted with work.  I have decided to write a menu for the week so that I can better plan meals and shopping requirements (lowland veg prices are crazy, a lettuce or six apples will set you back $10)  In addition I aim to get up at 0530 and go for a walk or cardio workout.

I know I may be in a hotel for 3 days next week and the food there is divine. Another challenge but the bonus will be vege shopping in the highlands where $10 buys a dozen lettuces.

If you have any vegetarian easy recipes to share it would be appreciated. If you have any questions I will endeavour to answer them.

In order to achieve, one must first try.


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