Product Review: Kai Carrier


Being a stay at home Mum, and Nutritionist I prefer to give my boys home cooked meals wherever possible, but sometimes we need to be out at meal times so finding a convenient way to store, carry and serve my creations can be difficult.  I’ve tried reusable food pouches in the past but have often found them difficult to fill and too small to tame my cherubs’ roaring appetites. I was recently introduced to Kai Carriers – reusable food pouches. Designed in NZ by a Kiwi Mum, BPA Free, freezeable and dishwasher safe, they were the perfect solution to my problem. Kai Carriers have a wider neck making them a breeze to fill, and I managed to get about 2/3C of food into each meaning they have a much greater capacity than other pouches I’ve tried. Mr. 8 months loved all the recipes I tried from the website, and he enjoyed feeding himself straight from the pouch, and with Mr. 2 ½ having a dairy allergy it was easy peasy to fill a pouch with his soy yoghurt and pop it into his lunchbox for morning tea at playgroup. Warming up lunch was as easy as standing the pouch in a cup of hot water for a few minutes, and clean-up was just as quick. Rinse them out and pop them in the dishwasher. Done!

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2 responses to “Product Review: Kai Carrier

  1. Saw these in action today! They worked great filled with EasiYo yoghurt. Was super impressed. There was a comment however that they would benefit from having an attached screw top as this piece seems to go missing easily.

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