Ra’s Weight-Loss Journey: Week Two


Another week down and this time it’s been much easier, but not flawless by any means. I found that by planning out what I was going to eat and when, helped set a platform for my week. As the week and different events of the week got in the way of my plan, things got a little disjointed but because I had my plan to fall back on I was able to right the ship pretty quickly. Although after a long day at work, in the tropical sun relying on snacks from 7am til 3pm, I welcomed my salads and fries. When we turned up back at the hotel after the kitchen closed I was happy for any food. For 3 days at the hotel I ate alright foods and found that the local chefs are reluctant to change their dishes because for so long they cook what they know. This eating real meals and proper snacks is becoming less of a chore and I’ve found that I’m not craving dinner like I was before, which gives me time to make better choices. I made it to the markets in the highlands and spent up large on veg. For 10 dollars I got 2 shopping bags full of fruit and veges. My shelf in the fridge differs vastly from all the processed products my flat mates have. This should amount to a few days off good eating.

I got some exercise in over the week. My 0530 cadio was thrown out the window as we had six o’clock starts for four days. However because I had planned to do some thing I pushed through the heat and finally did something. Have you ever found that when you haven’t been to the gym or exercised in a while that you have a lot of idea of how best to start again? I see my mates updates on Facebook as they smash through WODs during Crossfit, pound the pavements in Map my Run, or similar programs and I think, well I could do that, well some of that and that’s where it ends. Then I think that I’d be embarrassed to post anything like that because I know that as a male we don’t post our failures, or our just-abouts. I started thinking that I’d start with some high intensity, body weight circuits. Who was I kidding, I’d die. So this week I have concentrated on doing something, and something low intensity to revive the body and not hurt myself so that I don’t want to or can’t do it again.

Overall this week has been much better, I feel better. I doubt that I have made much end roads into the weight loss goal, but for now I am happy that what I have written contains far less ‘buts’ and excuses. So I’m going to plan again because it worked for me, plan to exercise more often. In the first couple of weeks I have lost 1.5kg, which in some ways is disappointing but I’m also happy. As someone once told me, “it took you 10 years to gain the weight, don’t expect it to come off tomorrow”, so I am here now doing it.

Join Sera and I as we find what works for us, as it may work for you.

Good luck!!

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