Sera Week Two: Hate cooking?

Nothing like the usual challenges hitting you in the face like grenades to realise you need a better plan. Some of my challenges with food are poor pre-planning, cooking and my husband.

I’m not a confident cook, I do my best to get out of cooking but will if needed. However, if hubby has been working late which he has been doing more often than late, or hubby is sick (like the last two weeks) or just exhausted (from working too much or having recently been sick)… we’re stuck. I haven’t planned anything to make, and what we have on hand usually isn’t something I can whip into anything edible… You think I over exaggerate??? I can barely boil veges, it’s a special skill…just not the right skill. This usually leads to takeaways, or eggs on toast (that’s if he’ll eat my eggs on toast because there’s no meat!) Also did I mention I don’t like cooking meat? Now, I’ve tried to make some effort and have offered to make dinner in the past. Of course allowing time for a meal to formulate in my head, get ingredients to the ready and mentally prepare myself (after a long day of running around after a rambunctious 7 month old) that I CAN do it… THEN I get “we’ll deal with it later”. This never works! If he declares he doesn’t want to make dinner at 7.30pm, I’m stuck, totally unprepared. If he does want to make dinner well that’s great, but I did give him the choice. So what’s a housewife to do? The only thing I can (and dread doing), I’ll have to cook!

Oh, how I NEED another challenge in my day.

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