Ra Week 3: Doing this for the kids…


This week as per most regimes, I have relaxed. I made a good win in the first couple of weeks and have not tried as hard. My menu routine was generally pretty good, however with random work hours, the meals were at different times and in some instance I had to add an extra snack. I tried where possible to eat properly, in saying that I didn’t go for fast food options.

I have maintained my effort to exercise and to keep it tame so that the body can ease into it. 3 weeks down I intend to give it another week before I try more rigorous activities. I don’t want to break myself and use the injury as an excuse as I have done in the past. As it is I have noticed when doing some exercises old injuries and niggling issues have arisen.

What are your goals out there? My goal is to trim up. I’m not overly obese, but I’m holding a few extra pounds which I’d like to be rid of. They slow me down when trying to keep up with two over active boys and my reluctance to play and run around with them is starting to take it’s toll. The boys have stopped asking if I want to jump on the tramp, or go for that bike ride knowing that dad will say no. From now on, if I’m not in the middle of making dinner, I’m saying yes. I need to change my lazy attitude so that its not instilled in them.

How many parents out there have lolly jars, biscuits or cupboards full of bribes? I know we do. I’m pretty good I don’t raid it, but I do raid the baking. Ever since my nana used to offer up a large variety of awesomeness I’m a sucker for home baked goods. In this last week I have tampered with recipes and tried to turn them healthier but still be appealing. I reckon, if you’re going to ice a cake, why add all that sugar to the cake at the start?

The week has been ok and reflects the effort that I put in. I have one more week on my own to sort out my routine and eating habits before heading home and facing all the issues of family integration in my world. The temptations of shopping on a whim, fast food, bad snacks and school holiday treats. And the biggest barrier may just be the cold!! That alone will be my undoing like many others.

I’m going to read Sera’s blog and see what strategies are/aren’t working for her and where necessary adapt them to my situation. Its a good read, leave her a comment of encouragement and your own stories.


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