Sera’s Weight-Loss Journey – Week 4: Thank goodness for Nanna’s

What a journey… Talk about the road less travelled. Technically I’ve just gone around in a big circle and ended up back where I started! I’ve gone and gained all the weight I lost in the last few weeks. Not only do I feel semi-defeated, but I’m also absolutely exhausted. I feel like I’ve well earned the title ‘Mombie’ (mummy/zombie). Going away really took the wind out of my sails. I didn’t do any grocery shopping for another week, awful food choices, no snacks and no decent exercise. Here I am wanting to lose weight, but the obstacles are forever throwing me off.

So here is the game plan: Whilst hubby has been working late nights and is difficult to rely on to get home in time to cook, I have started to make the family meal. I’ve also roped my Nana into building up my emergency freezer stash. Also, Nana can help watch the baby whilst I prep dinner once or twice a week, and also be my very own hands on cooking instructor. I’m quite excited about this as it really helps me out and offers reinforcement to tackle meals I’ve never tried before. Megan also suggested a cooking/baking day on the weekends which is really smart.

Day one went almost according to plan. Sadly however soup isn’t the most filling of meals and we ended up stuck in a “still hungry at 8pm” problem. However, I have learnt from this and soup will be tabled to a lunch affair. I must remember that men like their carbs just as much as their protein!
I have also have been working on extending the snack menu. My new favourites are peanut butter and banana smoothies, and raw energy balls. It feels like a treat while still being healthy – there are not many things that can do that.

I’m not exactly expecting a miraculous weight loss this week with everything I’m trying to achieve, but I think I might finally get this ball rolling in the right direction.

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