Ra’s Weight-loss Journey: Week 4

‘First we make our habits, then our habits make us’

I believe over the last 4 weeks I have created a good habit in choosing and eating the right foods in the specified quantities. Now as I head home the the family environment I hope that I can continue this habit and make it fit within the family environment. I don’t crave food as much as I did, don’t get me wrong I miss having the options I do at home with fast food and junk food. What I mean is that eating and snacking every couple of hours and drinking plenty of water, I don’t go into meal times hungry and so therefore I don’t feel like I over eat or find the wrong food to fill the gap.

How many meals a day can you control? When I return home the only meal out of my control is dinner, because that is when the whole family is there. And if you are like me you have bred wonderful children that don’t eat this or that because they don’t feel like it at that particular time. They love veges and fruit and in most cases raw. To combat this and to keep variety I’m going to come up with 10 easy meals, pick the ingredients and then allow the kids to dictate what is for dinner, tomorrow. I’ll see how that goes. Now all the other meals are controlled by me alone so it should be easy right?

I never got into a habit of exercise. I do exercise every other day and I guess in some ways it has laid foundations to build a better habit. Now at home I have a long list of jobs to do, kids to enjoy and plenty of time to waste. I don’t think that I will set a time just yet, as each day and location are going to be different. During the school week I’m going to aim to head to the pool after I drop the kids at school which is my way of overcoming the urge to say, ‘it’s too cold out’, not everyday but a min of twice a week. Walking along the beach, around the block and running around with the kids are definitely planned, remembering if they ask me to jump on the tramp, the answer is going to be, yes!!

I like Sera have lost some weight and gained some. That certainly deflates the soul, and I take solace in knowing that it wasn’t just me. By sticking to the strategies and support from Megan I’m sure I will come out the other side better off, I know I am already.

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