Ra’s Weight Loss Journey: Week 5

Its been a lot tougher than I expected this week. The first couple of days were just me and then I travelled home, where we spent 3 days travelling around and having a great time. The problem with my four days travel, was the food. It wasn’t always the best (portion control) or at any scheduled timings. I tried to drink water, but it’s so cold it’s a chore. I’ve resorted to warm water whenever I can. On the plus side we spent a lot of time walking and hanging out carrying out informal exercise.

I have talked to the kids and have come up with a 10 day menu that they believe they can choose from. In the coming week we will give it a go. The next effort is to try and disguise vegetables in the mains, only to up the intake. The boys eat raw vegetables most of the time, but as long as they continue to do so I will continue to serve it up. Getting them to eat fruit is a cinch.

Back to me. 70% of the day is me. I need to plan that 70% to achieve what I want. Over the next week life is generally stable so my goals are achievable. How do the stay at home mothers and fathers out there motivate themselves to eat properly, exercise and have time out of the family environment for themselves, to feel good about one self?

This is a whole new environment is certainly as challenging as I thought and more. I feel bad about dropping tools and doing things for me when I see all the jobs that need to be done. Again I need to find the motivation in myself to execute the plan. What do you do when you have trouble staying motivated? How do you keep going?

Good luck for the following week all.

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