Sera’s Weight Loss Journey: Week 5

You know how they say breastfeeding helps you lose weight? Well they’re wrong. What I think they meant is, breastfeed your baby til he’s nice and heavy then strap him into a front pack and take him everywhere. That’s how you lose weight from breastfeeding. That 500 calorie thing feels like a fast, but that also could have been already used up with my venti lattes. Gotta keep moving somehow!

This week Megan gave me my weight lose chart, oh better called the bumpy I’m not going anywhere chart… The silver lining being it’s not a straight line going up, but I’d like (I think we’d both like)to see it finally steadily going down.

The dinner struggle continues, even when you have an emergency stash sometimes your partners gives you the “what else is there?” which isn’t hard to translate into -‘I’m not eating that please try again.’ I think this is where the weekly meal plan somewhere in plan sight comes in handy because you can’t argue if you both agreed to put it on the board.

More often than not it’s been a phone call/email around 4pm saying he’ll be late and I’ve been bold and brave enough to start/put on dinner in the hope he arrives to declare it’s fit to eat, and finish it off. This is working well so far, even if I have to call my Nana and ask her how to boil potatoes. True story.

I have far more energy this week, the front pack exercise is already working in terms of leg strength and toning… Maybe I will fit my jeans again one day?

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