Ra’s Weight-Loss Journey: Week 6

Hey all,

I have been busy with home life, which has and still is providing me challenges. I travel to and from one renovation site to home at least two times a week. I asked last week how stay at home parents, (I really meant everyone with a busy lifestyle) manage to eat properly and find time for themselves. The answer in most cases is that we don’t. We are fixated on the bigger picture and seem to allow ourselves to morph into whatever. As I don’t want that for me, or my family, I’ve really been trying to get a grip of my eating habits, especially when around the family. To overcome the travel component and the ‘too busy to eat right attitude’ in my excuse list, Megan suggested that I pack a lunch much the same as we do for the kids. Such a simple concept, but it’s worked. Having the food there and ready to go has made life simple. If it wasn’t there I’d just work all day without it. I still struggle with drinking enough water though.

This week the meal plan with the kids has generally been working for dinner. A couple of times we’ve resorted to fast food because we’ve been caught out but the other five meals were as we, the kids and I, had planned and they loved being able to make that choice. I know some people may think that allowing the kids to plan could blow the budget, but in general terms they’ve just picked simple mains and from there I’ve added the veg components.

I, like Sera, have found my family reluctant to change (perhaps not the best way to put it). I found that concept hard at first and resorted to my old habits and eating what they did, (which isn’t bad, just not along the lines of my plan) but I’ve decided I’m going to cook the main meal for us all and then steam vegetables for myself. I figure if I can’t change them straight away then they can watch me eat well. As they don’t like to eat too many cooked vegetables I prepare a plate of sliced carrots and broccoli (at the moment) and put it on the table for them to pick at.

How do you find the energy to exercise? And when is the best time? Physiologically there are going to be times to do cardio, weights etc however for me it has come down to when I HAVE the time. I have dropped the kids at school and headed straight to the pool for two days. The rest of the week I have spent hours doing manual labour and have been so buggered at the end that I didn’t plan anything else. During those days I forced myself to walk to the job site instead of taking the car. It was a small thing but it allowed me time to think about the job ahead and to enjoy the beach side town. A friend told me that I need to make time for exercise. At first I thought, that’s rich, when he comes home he has nothing to do, but he’s absolutely right.

What’s your biggest obstacle? Mine is baking when I’m home.

I haven’t weighed myself this last couple of weeks. I feel like I’ve flat lined a bit, especially as I’ve been trying to get a grip and institute a regime that will work for me and the family. Good luck for the next week and get out and try something new. Follow Sera, her blog is helping me as we face similar challenges.


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