Tasty Chicken Tenders – 8 months +

Makes 6-8 portions

500g chicken schnitzel
1 egg, beaten
1T milk
1/2C toasted breadcrumbs
Freshly ground black pepper
Herbs and spices (optional – to taste)
Olive oil

Whisk egg and milk in a bowl. Cut chicken into strips about 2cm wide by 5cm long and place in the bowl with egg mixture. Place breadcrumbs, pepper and herbs/spices in a large zip lock bag and shake to combine ingredients. Remove chicken from egg mixture and allow to drain slightly before placing in the bag with breadcrumbs. Secure the zip lock bag and shake well, turning to ensure all chicken is well coated. Fill a large pan with about 1cm of olive oil and warm over a medium heat until the oil is hot. (Place one chicken strip into oil to check temp – if It sizzles it’s hot enough). Cook chicken in small batches until golden brown. Turn once to ensure even cooking. Drain on kitchen paper.

Can be served hot with mashed potato and steamed vege, or in a tortilla with salad. These freeze well when both raw or cooked (only freeze raw if the chicken hasn’t been previously frozen).

Experiment with different flavours to develop your own blend of ‘secret herbs and spices’. Green herb stock, paprika, Cajun spice blend, Moroccan spice blend, fresh herbs or parmesan all make great additions to the breadcrumbs, and are a great way to gently increase you little ones palate.

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