Ra’s Weight-loss Journey: 7 Weeks down

So I’ve been real slack in writing this blog over the last two weeks. I have been busy with jobs on two houses, as well as being a domestic machine. Ok really let’s sum up the last two weeks.

I previously found that when I was busy, I didn’t stop to eat and as a consequence it was suggested that I pack lunch as I would for the children. This really worked, for the main meals. I found in the first week that during the long working hours I also didn’t have time to stop and snack. So again when I went to work I had a grocery bag with snacks and lunch along with two bottles of water. I found that actually stopping and slowing down to drink was the hardest thing. Once the bottles were empty, I’d (let’s face it) be too lazy to refill them.

Working on the deficits, I found that the weeks eating became much better. The kids still helped choose dinner and as they weren’t always keen on all the veggies that I wanted, and I kept cooking for myself. However on the flip side the kids (having always been keen on fruit), seemed to be eating more fruit and raw vegetables. I guess what I’m trying to do for myself is slowly rubbing off, so I am stoked.

Drinking water has also been a habit every meal time (when not working). That way hopefully I have been getting enough hydration.

That was two weeks in a nut shell. To be honest to everyone out there and myself, I did splurge a couple of times when I was travelling and had run out of packed food. I found it convenient to stop in for some fast food, and I indulged in some deserts I wouldn’t usually have because I was celebrating my son’s birthday. I stuck to my exercise plan by going to the pool or forcing myself to work out after dropping the kids off at school. On days I didn’t work out, I was landscaping, painting and other physical labour jobs. I enjoyed sticking to my semi-programme and even though I haven’t busted my gut as some do, I feel better and it’s all getting easier.

The next challenge is going to work and spending the next three weeks in a hotel whereby we are leaving before breakfast, getting poor cut lunches and maybe a late dinner. I’ve started planning already though. I’ve got food prepped to take and I know how I can make it work for me. I think that’s the challenge mitigated before it’s even started.

Slowly I’m changing and I hope that you are too.

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