Ra’s Weight-loss Journey: Week 8

What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? Is it a lack of self confidence or belief, time, work or other responsibilities?

I’m no angel, this journey I’m on I know is a mental effort, trying to keep myself on track and keep going. I know people have faith in a higher power, but lack the strength to have the faith in their own abilities. We’ve heard it all before, I know, and I struggle with it too. To those that know me, I’m confident, extraverted but you may not know that I struggle mentally with my goals, (of where I want to be physically). This is no mean feat for blokes to admit!

I want the best for my children. We feed them food for nourishment and encourage them to join in with sports, because we want them to be physically able and fit. No doubt we also encourage them mentally to be the best they can be, because we care and love them. I question the example I set at times. I eat the same food they do, but I found I eat the too much at times and not enough at others. I don’t engage in sports because of work. My son asked me the other day why I don’t exercise like mum does. Hell I had no answer, I’ve more time. It’s my mental block, my ability to make excuses for why not and not for the why.

Here’s some why not, that really hurt. When I exercise around friends that are fit, the friendly banter isn’t encouragement and, hard to admit, can be hurtful. Being called a fat bastard isn’t helpful, and I don’t go back. When trying to train with work mates who are not model material and their friendly jibes hurt more than the burning sensation in the muscles the day after a good work out. The consistency of the name calling cuts deep into the psyche.

Megan is helping me eat well, (sometimes work locations restrict what I can eat) and through this journey I’m learning that I need to plan. I knew this, I plan for my children all the time. Outwardly I shrug off the negative comments but internally I fight myself and this can either be fuel for my fire or deterrent to continue, whereby I will exercise in my room or in hiding so that I am away from the negative people.

I can’t choose the people I work and live with at work. At home I can. I recently had a friend say that because she has changed physically other friends say she’s ‘changed’. And she has, she has been filtering out the negative in her life and embracing people who are there to support her mentally and those who help with her drive to succeed.

My advice to you and I is to follow my friends example. Don’t burn bridges, but if there are people who put you down, let them know its not cool and if they don’t change, move on. Work on yourself, embrace positive and supportive people. Look after yourself as you would your children, eat well, exercise and encourage yourself to be better.

I’ve done pretty well this week, living in hotels or compounds where its easy to eat big and bad. It’s been a struggle eating different than all the boys and heading out into the searing heat for some exercise, but I did it. I’m happy I pushed on, but on the last day this week after a good weights, and cardio workout, one of the lads ruined it by his constant jibes.

Good luck this week, keep smiling and keep working on you.


3 responses to “Ra’s Weight-loss Journey: Week 8

  1. There’s a great book I recommend called ‘The Slight Edge’ – talks about how small things done daily compound over time leading to amazing long term results.

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