Home-made Quinoa (keen-wah) Baby Cereal

    1/4 C Quinoa, rinsed REALLY well. Don’t skip this step or your cereal will be bitter.

    Dry roast quinoa in a pan over a low/medium heat until it turns a deeper yellow/golden brown and is just starting to “pop” like popcorn (about 3-5 minutes?) This step makes the cereal more easy for baby to digest. After quinoa has cooled for a minute or two, grind into a fine powder using a blender or clean coffee grinder. Bring two cups of water to a boil and add quinoa powder. Whisk! Whisk! Whisk! Turn the heat to lowest setting and let cook uncovered for about 10 minutes. Stir fairly often to avoid lumps. Add more water if you think it’s getting too thick, this will depend on what consistency your baby likes.

    Serve with pureed fruit or vegetables.

    If this is a hit and you would prefer to buy it pre-prepared, Ceres Organics Quinoa cereal (as well as Brown Rice cereal) is available at most supermarkets in the breakfast food aisle.

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