Ra’s Weight-Loss Journey: Week 10

For the last two weeks I have stuck to the plan. I have eaten well and have chosen the right foods. I struggled with good snacks and on occasion struggled with eating lunches due to work commitments. Sometimes planning comes unstuck.

I exercised so much more over the last two weeks. I had a great team of lads around who were keen to play sport after work and encouraged each other into insane workouts. It was sore, but an awesome atmosphere. The down side to social environment was the 3 or 4 beers a night.

Here’s the killer though, I’ve gained weight. I haven’t seen a couple of lads from work for a couple of weeks and they reckon I’ve bulked up a fair bit since we last were in the same space. Now I don’t believe that I have got any bigger and I will be disappointed if that’s the case. But gaining weight, oh hell, what a downer!!

I’m taking it in my stride, I’m going to keep working on the plan and increase my cardio workouts. I’m at home this week and plan to get back into my drop the kids off at school and then go to the pool routine. The last 4 days have been normal hanging with the kids, scooting around the block and chilling in the yard, but nothing formal for myself. Next week I will be on the road, doing a road trip with the family, seeing family. Finding the energy over that period is going to be hard and a real challenge, as well as eating correctly.

How do you plan and eat when away with the family? Road trips invariably mean ‘junk food’ or ‘fast food’. I’ve started planning with making room in the boot for a chilli bin/ eski and a bag full of good food.

Well the last two weeks have been fantastic energy wise and motivation has been at an all time high. A little disappointed the weight has gone up, but I’m taking it in my stride. Keeping the faith.

Sorry its short team. keep reading and keep working on you. Be positive!

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