Ra’s Weight-Loss Journey Week 11: Travelling with Kids in tow.

Hello everyone. How’s everyone handling holidays? I have spent the last week traveling with the family through various locations. I thought this was going to be a nightmare on this program and another set back in my progress. Yes last week I posted a gain in weight and I am now scared to weigh in again.
Ok, I was worried about my travel, I planned 10 days of travel in the car with the family, stopping at different locations to catch up with family and friends. I knew along the way my program would fall to the way side and to be honest I thought I’d really mess things up. But (and this is the first good but), I didn’t, to the degree that I thought I would.

Before I left I had planned the trip to the hours spent with each friend and family member, so in line with that I planned a lot of snacks. I grabbed a 40 litre container and filled it with good snacks and I packed a chill bag with fruit and veg to snack as we went. Now I was ridiculed by family at the lengths I went to, to carry food and water, and I didn’t care. I didn’t want the lack of good food to be an excuse to drop into McDonalds for a quick bite or some other fast food joint. I took yoghurt and the kids cereals so they didn’t wolf down sugar based cereals like cocoa pops and fruit loops for breakfast. (they did on 2 occasions eat their cousins food) At one house the only fruit available was what I brought and there were 6 kids climbing over each other, which was gratifying to see.  I didn’t just pack lots of food, but each time we set out in the car, I put two containers each, of snacks readily available to the kids and topped up their water. This was for two reasons, to keep them full and hydrated (because we travelled for a few hours at a time), which prevented them from whinging the whole way about food, because how many times have you just pulled into a fast food joint on your travels to satisfy the kids so they shut up! And how many times have you done this and grabbed a combo for yourself only because you are there?!  We kept the kids full on good food in the car, and we kept ourselves honest too. I’m pretty stoked on what we achieved as a family on that point. And when we stopped at various houses we ate good food, because how often when you have family over that you haven’t seen for a while do you go to a fast food joint? Like never right! We always pride ourselves on having a BBQ or a roast for our guests.

Ok so we fell off the wagon for 3 meals, we had fish and chips on the beach and we had a sausage roll/pie on one of the last days to thank the boys for being so good in the car.  We 3 squares a day of good food and snacked on good food, the timings were all out of whack, but I take solace in that 95% of our food was good.  We did some exercise like walking and more walking. We didn’t do anything strenuous because with all the driving and sleep deprivation I was buggered.

I wouldn’t change too much of last week.  Catching up with good people and eating well was awesome, along with the activities we did as a family.  It was fantastic to see the boys head to the car to grab a piece of fruit or a carrot to munch on instead of moaning about wanting chips or lollies. So whether or not I gained weight, I take this week as a win for the family and a positive step towards a better future!!

Keep going everyone and, Good Luck!



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