The Trials and Tribulations of Weight-Loss in the Tropics


Well team, this week has been a struggle. I have moved locations nearly every day which lead to poor nutrition. I had planned some snacks for my various days, but these were my main meal during th lunch period. The food, if any, provided for lunch, tended not to be suitable after 6 hours in the tropical heat. Fresh fruit and vegetables for 5 days were hard to come by, and time for shopping non existent.

I was glad I had packed a couple of boxes of museli bars, some protein bars and crackers. Had I time to shop I would have stowed some dried fruit and nuts too.

My poor nutrition over the week, regular exercise and very poor sleep pattern has resulted me feeling lethargic and poorly. Im sure the forth coming week will see me sick, I can just feel it.

We are stable now for the next 3 days in the hotel which provides good meals. Ive resisted the urge today to eat well and eat sensibly. The lads have been eating three and five course meals and laugh as I order a large salad with beef or chicken. Im not worried. I had a hamburger for lunch and it arrived with chips instead of salad as ordered. I ate it, haha and it was good! I did however break it up over 4 hours, eating half for lunch and the other half around 4 in the afternoon. Doing this aided in my selection of a small main for dinner. Not ideal, but I was presented with a dish not to be ignored.

I have pushed through my desire to ‘veg out’ in my lethargic state, to head to the gym where available or go for a walk and to be honest, it was the only thing that made me feel good. How do you push through that barrier? What motivates you when you have no motivation?

I do hope the coming week has better outcome. With tomorrow being Sunday, shopping and prep is out, so I will have to rely on the few museli bars I have left. Im banking on getting sick though, which Im certainly not looking forward to in the tropics.

Positives for this week was getting some exercise.

I hope you all had a better week than I. Good luck and keep persevering.

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