Ra’s Weight-Loss Journey: Week 12

What an interesting week! I should be down and I’m the opposite. As predicted last week, the gypsy life and poor nutrition took its toll. I had a stomach bug all week, bouts of vomiting Monday night and mild flu the rest of the week. Physically drained, working in the tropical heat, carrying toilet paper everywhere just in case the body decided to add the squirts in the mix (glad to say I was spared), needless to say I was on edge. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to contain myself and refrain from vomiting on the clients.

My motivation was low. I continued to eat the best I could, and stuck to the planned meals. Again some snacks were muesli bars, as they were the only thing I had, and when I was able to, it switched to fruit. My gypsy days ceased on Wednesday due to some unfortunate work outcomes, but it was a much needed rest.

With good food, vegetables and fresh fruit, my body started feeling better slowly every day. Sunday – Tuesday despite how I felt, I pushed through and hit the gym. The feeling of overcoming my drained self was great, if only for a while. It helped me forget how bad I really felt. When we landed on Wednesday the community spirit of group exercise and participation got me up and about. Again, it helped me forget the stomach cramps and general lethargic mode I was in.

I went against most Doctor’s advice and I didn’t rest up; I couldn’t due to work demands, and I felt if I gave in the week would be a waste.

Two days rest with no gym work, and then I mixed short cardio with quick, hard, heavy weight sessions. Body weight work outs when there wasn’t a gym. I enjoyed getting lost in the feeling of wellbeing when 90% of the day feeling average at best.

I thought this week was a mental win over the physical. I asked you how you keep motivated when down, and as I thought of what your replies would be, I realised that there was no excuse for me.

I am in a totally alien environment to most of you. I am not trying to say that no one has an excuse, because there are lots for single mothers, busy families and those balancing work. I just want to encourage you to try. Try to find a little time for a walk around the block with the wife/husband or kids, ring a friend and have a yarn as you walk. The weather is getting better, the days longer and the overall morale of each of us picks up at this time of year.

I hope you have a great week and I hope you do try.

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