The Silly Season is Approaching. Ra’s Journey to a Healthier Life – Week 13

Wow this past week flown by.

I really don’t have much to say this week. The longest I spent in one place was two nights this week, and each location had its challenges. Food and routine was really hard to keep in touch with. I bought fruit when I could so that I knew I had something good to eat during the day. Lunch provided at times were just sandwiches. Now if you’ve every had a sandwich that’s been wrapped up in glad wrap and left in the sun, you’ll understand the excitement when it came to lunch time.

The long days and the heat lead to only one thing, an ice cold beer or three… or six… It was hard not to relax without a beer in hand. It wasn’t everynight, but it was a significant part of the week.

There wasn’t any cardio training or walking in the locations I visited. I managed to use the gym a couple of times for some free weights, and two nights I pumped up the aircon so that I could work out with body weight exercises.

Ok so not a great week, but it makes me question my will power and resolve even further. I, like many, enjoy a cold beer at the end of a long day. In the summer, there are many long days. When it’s cheaper at times to drink beer than water, well, as a kiwi male, I say beer. I know I am on this journey to lose weight, and I know that the higher the concentration of alcohol, the greater the calories contained. I know this, yet I still choose to drink it. I could say no and not look like a ‘dick’, but I don’t. Is this a genetic kiwi social disorder? Or have we just become accustomed always having beer on hand?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know that if I am serious about where I want to be going then I need make better choices. I need to.

This is a good thing I think. It’s a timely reminder to me, and hopefully others, that as summer approaches we need to adopt strategies to deal with the silly season festivities. I know it’s only just gone November, but the weather is getting better and with summer comes long hours, good food and more socialising – in general.

I have one week left at work up here. I have stocked up on veg and fruit with the intention that I’ll be local for the week. I hope I can do better.

This journey is teaching me so much more than I thought. Wow

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