Ra’s Journey to a healthier lifestyle

My last week at work was a total waste of space. It was holiday season mode  which is does not bode well for the actual holiday season. I drank a couple of  beers each night which was generally about half a dozen. It was very social and  with no work it was very easy to do. Eating wasn’t too bad but certainly not  great. It was a real down fall. I thought that the week prior was damaging to my  journey, but that last week was the worst. I’m determined not to spend a whole  month at work doing the same over the holiday period. I can’t even say I  exercised, unless walking to the pub counts. It was pretty disappointing  reflecting on that week on the plane home.
I have spent the past month (wow that long) at home where the food has been  good. The family has embraced summer and the bounty of fruit available. A  standard day will start with muesli or toast with a fruit smoothie, (for 3  people it’s, 1 banana, a cup of strawberries, half a cup of yoghurt and topped  up with milk). Then good snacks and food through out the day. My weak spot has  been a couple of pieces of chocolate in the evening or baking. I love fresh  baking. But it’s been a great month. The kids have been amazing with their food  choices. My partner has started to be more forceful on eating good foods. She  has always been aware and onto it, but now its more of a must. It’s so ingrained  in the boys now that they are telling me off and if I mess up they are quick to  dob me in, and I tell you I get told off. The boys were asked if they wanted to  stay at a friend house for dinner of fish and chips and they turned it down.  They wanted some good food. Don’t’ get me wrong they have had some rubbish  foods, but they are learning real quick. I’m super proud of how far the family  has come and hopefully we can keep it going.
With this lovely weather the boys have been wanting to ride or scoot to  school, so at least two times a week you can see two young boys scooting or  riding to work, with the old man running behind trying to keep up. Riding is  tough, it’s about a 1300m trip which is done at a tough pace. The 2.5 km trip is  pretty good to get me going for the day. On top of that I’ve been out coaching  the boys ripper rugby league. I haven’t done any formal fitness, but I’ve been  kept on my toes with the boys. I have really enjoyed the crazy times.
This last month has been a bit of a redemption from the last two weeks at  work. I’m trying to figure out how I am going to tackle the next month, the real  festive month at work. I have decided to try and not drink so much, socialize  yes, but try and stay off the alcohol where possible. As my gym has been  destroyed and I expect that we won’t be doing too much, I plan to head down to  the hotel down the road and ask if I can use their gym for the week. It’s not  always safe to head out for a run, and the small amount of gym equipment at the  house is limiting. that’s my strategy, I just need to be tough and get into  it.
Hopefully we will be in one place where I can get good food and keep the  eating right. I have a microwave rice cooker and a blender in my bag for work,  so that I can cook rice quick and make smoothies and soup as required. We shall  see.
I’ll let you know how I go.

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