Ra’s Journey – Week 15

Hello again all, after a hiatus from this place I am back. I don’t recall my last email being blogged, however it said that I had two hurtful weeks at work, whereby I ate and drank to much and exercised too little. I returned home for 4 and a half weeks of wake up. My first run to school with the kids was tough and a reality bite, and it hurt. I started to eat better and I exercised much more while at home.

Ok I hit the road again and for the first three days it was rubbish, I got a max of 10 hours sleep as I fished through the night, talked and drank (not much) through another and talked through the next. My eating supplemented my need to keep a high sugar content in the body to maintain my sleepy state. It was a full on three days catching up with people and flying around. Fortunately I made it to work where I had the best two nights sleep and impromptu siestas, (slow day).

Right so I have reflected on what I have done right and what I have done wrong over the course of my journey. I do feel better about myself and I hope that I have lost some numbers in my measurements. I know that I have plateaued around 90kg and that maybe me for now. But I will keep trying to refine what is best for my body and my lifestyle so that I can sustain a healthy life choice, that isn’t over the top demanding that my family can follow.

I have started to write down my food intake again so that I am accountable for what I eat, as opposed to saying that I am sticking to the plan. It worked for me prior to signing up with Megan and after my lapses in judgment last work trip, it is something that I need to do.

I have given myself one week at work of light workouts and I have tried to set them for first thing in the morning in order to create a habit. I have however put this ‘first thing in the morning’ at a time that I realise now is going to be prone to interruption.  As a consequence I am going to set my alarm for 0530 and get up for a walk/jog and some body weight exercises. I had planned to go to the hotel down the road and ask to use the gym, however contrary to expectation, I actually have to do some work. (which is a good thing as it makes time go faster)

I’m not starting over, just trying to revert to what worked for me initially until I can get myself back on the plan.

I maybe away for the next week, I am not sure. I hadn’t planned on it so I don’t really have too many snacks to take away. I know that I am going to a place with little or no fresh veg, so I will throw a few cans of fruit in, some muesli bars if possible and if we stop through the market town, I will stock up on some fruit to take. I know they are high in sugar, but in most cases at the moment there is an abundance of bananas and I don’t mind them, so I’ll take them, they travel ok.

Well I hope you are all doing better than I, and I wish you all the best leading up to the silly season, where we drink too much, eat masses of sausages and steak, and fill up even more on sweet deserts.

I’m sorry its not better reading, but that is problem with this journey, its up and down and going to take some time. And getting back to blogging it is going to help keep me accountable.

Thanks for the support and have fun.


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