Ra’s Journey – Week 16


Happy New Year to you all!! It’s the time we make grand resolutions and spend time with family.

I have to combine two weeks here this time as I was out the back blocks for a while with no cell activity most of the time.

This is what I said, ‘I maybe away for the next week, I am not sure. I hadn’t planned on it so I don’t really have too many snacks to take away. I know that I am  going to a place with little or no fresh veg, so I will throw a few cans of fruit in, some muesli bars if possible and if we stop through the  market town, I will stock up on some fruit to take. I know they are high in sugar, but in most cases at the moment there is an abundance of  bananas and I don’t mind them, so I’ll take them, they travel ok.

Ok so I did head away for the week, however there was no set date. I ate as well as I could on frozen veg and brown rice, but I couldn’t plan meals and shop because we had no idea when we would leave. I think I may have to start freezing meals for these moments. I digress, and then when we went away the food nutrition wasn’t great. A day in Daru; breakfast- two pieces of white toast, one covered in Baked Beans and the other a fried egg, sometimes with bacon or local sausage (eww). Lunch – pan or deep fried Barramundi, 1/2 cup of rice or rehydrated mash potatoe and a warm coleslaw. Dinner – pan or deep fried Barramundi, 1/2 cup of rice or rehydrated mash potatoe and a warm coleslaw. Some nights they had other options, but to eat pork, lamb or beef on an island that doesn’t have these products mean that they imported from somewhere, and the transport food quality is pretty lax.

I substituted my diet with an apple a day and canned fruit. When working I had protein or muesli bars.

Overall for 4 days of not planning and just eating tuna with rice and mixed veg, muesli and sandwiches followed by 5 days of Daru hospitality my body is not the temple I planned.

Before I left I did circuits out at work and when I went away I did body weight exercises in my room. Its not the most hospitable place to walk or run about.

Coming back to the house I have been able to have fresh fruit, and eat better. but on the flip side with no work, for 3 days I felt myself slipping into festive season again, too many beers. I have cut back and chilled, getting back to some exercise. The new year started well.

With all the changes and poor diet, this last two weeks have taken a toll on my body. The moment I start feeling better my diet changes with my locations and my whole attitude changes. Stomach cramps made me not want to exercise and constant fried food made me feel lethargic. It was good to have work, but I really need to plan for contingencies. When I come up next I plan on bringing dried fruit and nuts to snack on.

Again, I hope you all had a great time bringing in the new year. I head home next week, and will drop off the grid again. My exercise will be running around after the kids, kayaking, swimming, cycling and more kayaking, eating a diet high in fish, I hope.

Good luck out there. I am interested in your resolutions, if you don’t mind sharing. Please do.


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